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Dr Darrel Ho-Yen

About the Author

Dr Darrel Ho-Yen was born in Guyana, South America, but finished his schooling in London. After a year’s Voluntary Services Overseas in the Caribbean, he went to Dundee University medical school. He completed his training at the Regional Virus Laboratory, Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow. Until 2011 he was Head of Microbiology at Raigmore Hospital, Inverness; Director of the Scottish Toxoplasma Reference Laboratory; and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at Aberdeen University.

Dr Ho-Yen has had extensive experience in managing and counseling patients with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome and the first edition of this book (1985) was the first book on this subject. He has written many other books: coauthor of "Diseases of Infection" (1987, 1993) and co-editor of "Human Toxoplasmosis" (1992), both published by Oxford University Press; co-author of "Ticks", Mercat Press (1998); and co-editor of "Science of Laboratory Diagnosis", ISIS Medical (1998).

His experience on the needs of patients with chronic illnesses prompted him to write "Unwind! Understand and control life be better!!" (deals with relaxation and stress management techniques) in 1991 (reprinted in 1994) and "Climbing Out of the Pit of Life" (deals with recovering from great loss) in 1995. Dr Ho-Yen has published numerous scientific papers and articles for medical practitioners and the general public, and lectures extensively.


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